Stop watching from the sidelines!

Join us, and have a hand in defining our sustainable future

Why do we work ?

To help companies manage their environmental and social performance as systematically as their financial performance. In so doing

To improve human decision making and global commerce so that it will be more environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive and governed transparently.

To provide our employees with meaningful, intellectually engaging and enjoyable work that complements, not replaces, their personal lives.

Why apiday ?

Apiday means bee in latin Honey bees are a good representation of what we do:
They’re animals so they represent the environment
They are social insects and collaborate successfully within their colonies
They represent good governance led by the queen bee supported by the drones and the workers
The octogone of the hive represents data (our bread and butter)
They work hard to produce something amazing (so do we)
more on bees here

How do we work?

Incorporates key, differentiating means of how we work, and highlights some of our core values. We can discuss the tone, this is trying to be more on the convivial side to highlight our culture but we also want to be seen as serious

Together, asynchronously

We strive to maximise time for undistracted, deep work. You’d be surprised how little emails and meetings you really need.

Proactively, continuously focused on results

Is what you are doing right now the most important thing you can be doing to make our customers and apiday great. The answer is yes.

Transparently and analytically

No siloes and full information sharing so you know why and what we are working towards. We decide with data, while considering all viewpoints, to ensure the best outcome.

While having fun (and some sugar)

Fun doesn’t only happen at the bi-annual offsite, it happens every day through a relaxed atmosphere, well-timed jokes and some tasty treats (both the healthy and less healthy kind)

Just some of the perks

Great office in central Paris (yes, you can see the Eiffel Tower)

Competitive remuneration and equity

Blue-chip health insurance plan through Alan

Subsidised lunch and transport through Swile

Multiple team outings, off-sites and fitness classes

Training, mentorship and career development

Flexible hours with 5 weeks paid holidays

Your own MacBook Air